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Our Services

At Blue Kanga, we offer a range of services and knowledge to help launch and expand your business in the Oceania market.


Product Distribution

As an intermediary, we operate multiple warehouses across the region as well as in-house packaging and shipment. We personally see to it that all products are afforded the necessary personal care, attention, and surveillance needed to ensure a safe, secure, and timely delivery.


Marketplace Gurus

We go above and beyond fulfilling and delivering as we actively study the marketplace and leverage that knowledge to help your brand grow. This makes us experts when it comes to understanding the trends, challenges, and competition of the local market needed for your brand to succeed.


Local Brand

You also have the option to use our localisation market strategy approach which entails us to cater your brand to our local audience by creating a local domain, website, and social media pages. We also invest in local partnerships, advertising, and SEO practices to drive traffic.


Sales Support

Our friendly sales representatives are on standby throughout all phases of the sales process and are here to support customers’ needs with any questions or queries they may have. They are happy to resolve any issues and help assist with organising return and refund policies.

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Content & Social Media Management

Your brand will be supported by our in-house marketing team who oversee local marketing strategies from concept to execution. The team are responsible for coordinating campaigns and producing high engaging marketing and promotional material.



Our experience in the industry means we are familiar with the logistical side of things and how to run an efficient and seamless operation. We understand the process of coordination and are well equipped to handle the movement of resources, reach customer satisfaction and meet your brands long-term viability.

What Our Suppliers Say

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Francesca Dubsky, Head of Marketing

"Communicating with Peter and the team at Blue Kanga has been so seamless. They have helped us break Hairmax into the Australian market and I can't recommend them enough."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
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